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Team Flick Episode 4 – Real Estate Transactions in Fall


Brian: Hey, folks, Brian and Michelle Flickinger here, just wanted to touch base with you about this fall and whether or not it’s a great time to list your… your real estate or buy real estate. You know, that’s a question we’ve been getting a lot from a lot of our clients right now, so just figured we’d touch base with you about that. There’s a lot of serious buyers and sellers in the marketplace right now. If you’re a buyer, you know, typically you haven’t found your place or you’re looking for that place before the ski season gets going, and if you’re a seller and you’ve got it on the market right now, typically you don’t want to wait through the winter time. You’re ready to get out of Summit County before another winter hits.

Michelle: We also see that there’s less competition and this is a benefit to both the buyers and the sellers. So from the seller perspective, there’s less homes on the market that… that buyers are looking at to compare to yours, which is always a great thing. On the buyers’ side there’s also fewer buyers in the pool so that gives you fewer people to be competing against for your property.

Brian: Yeah, and low interest rates. You know, as we all know, the Fed is talking about raising interest rates and we’re seeing… starting to see those creep… creep up and interest rates are probably not going to go back down again, they’re probably going to continue to rise. And historically, we’re still pretty low interest rates, and that affects the purchasing power of the buyer. And so as interest rates rise, the purchasing power typically goes down a little bit.

Michelle: The other real big benefit to buying in the fall or at this point is you still have plenty of time to get into the rental pool. So we find most of our buyers up here really want to offset their costs by renting their property when they’re not using it, which we think is a fantastic idea. And at the COO breakfast this year in Breckenridge, they announced that guest reservations for the 2018-2019 ski season are already up 12% over last year, which is great news. So that means you still have time to get your property in to take advantage of all those folks coming out to visit us here in Summit County.

Brian: Yeah, so don’t wait. I mean, now is a fantastic time to be… to be in the market place. You know, if you have any questions about anything we chatted about here, please feel free to reach out to us as always at You can check the latest listings on or you can give us a call at 970-368-2254. Thanks, don’t forget to hit the like and subscribe button, and we’ll see you next week.

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